Skyward (100 words)

I gaze up at the sky in all of its vastness. Clear and blue, smeared in white clouds drifting with purpose. I envy the birds, because it is up there where they soar across it without limits. They navigate any direction they choose, unbothered by the chaos created below. Man tarnishes its beauty, pumping smog, hiding it from view. But today it remains untouched – like a beautiful painting. How I desire to dwell within it, to be suspended and far from this world! But here I sit, in a concrete cell staring out at it, unable to feel its breeze.

5 Comments on “Skyward (100 words)

    • Thank you Tara I’ve been very busy unfortunately with work and doesn’t allow me enough time in the day to write like I would like so I’m trickling short spurts of writing just to keep my brain going!

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