I sat in the lobby of the Nissan dealership that Saturday morning, looking up at the decorative clumps of balloons clumped together by a string, hanging from the ceiling. They were a mix of white, red and black, and were covered in a layer of dust, which gave me the impression that they needed a better cleaning service. The large lobby was nice. Wood paneling surrounded the room with large windows above them, showing office spaces beyond them. Those balloons did not do the room any favors.

I looked around. People sat around the tables and chairs that were scattered about, all of them, glued to their cell phones. My guess was they were all getting their cars serviced, as was I, and all of them had no intention on making any kind of human interaction. Fucking humanity! So selfish and self-centered, not willing to exchange a friendly smile or greeting. But Who can blame them, I have to include myself in that observance. I laughed as I flipped through the bullshit political posts on Facebook thinking ‘look in the mirror my friend’. Fuck it. What are we supposed to do? Who gives a shit, let it all fall apart.

I glanced at my watch – 9:30am. Its been over an hour and a half. Way longer than I was told I’d have to wait by the mechanic for an oil change on my Rogue. I was growing impatient, the weekends were my only days to relax and recoup from the tireless routine of an eight to five during the week. I should be home relaxing, playing on the Xbox or binge watching the shit out of The Sopranos. The overhead speaker came on, a name was announced to head to the back counter. Their vehicle was ready. It wasn’t my name.

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