A day on Interstate 80

The sweltering heat from the sun fumed down on Benjamin’s back. Sweat drenched his shirt, it clung to his chest, bringing a brief cooling relief against the humid air. His flesh, once light in pigment, now seared red to the touch like burning coals. Perspiration seeped out his pores and ran off him to the... Continue Reading →

Once a Rat, always a Rat

The tattered burlap sack lifted violently off his head, revealing a face so battered and bruised, that Clive was hardly recognizable to anyone who knew him. The overhead lamp, hanging from a chain suspended from the ceiling, swayed back and forth, in a circular motion. The light cast a spotlight across the concrete floor and... Continue Reading →

Carl’s Refusal

Carl stood in the bathroom gazing at himself in the mirror. He turned his head to one side, then to the other. He appeared older, he noticed wrinkles and grey hairs where there was none before. He took a deep breath and exhaled in disappointment. Shit, he mumbled under his breath, stretching the newly discovered... Continue Reading →

Skyward (100 words)

I gaze up at the sky in all of its vastness. Clear and blue, smeared in white clouds drifting with purpose. I envy the birds, because it is up there where they soar across it without limits. They navigate any direction they choose, unbothered by the chaos created below. Man tarnishes its beauty, pumping smog,... Continue Reading →

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